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Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage Style Wedding Bands

The Vintage Route

Choosing your wedding ring is not an easy process. For those who have decided they want a vintage wedding ring, there is even more you have to think about. There are a great many styles to choose from when you have decided to go the vintage route. Beyond just thinking about what kind of stone, cut, and band you want, you also have to think about style of ring and the time period you are looking for.

What’s the difference between Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings?

Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage Wedding Rings

Below is a guide to purchasing a vintage wedding ring, along with all the different characteristics you need to keep in mind when shopping for one.

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  • Stone – The first thing you need to think about is the kind of stone you want.  If you are interested in going the classic route and settling for a diamond, then you will have an easier time finding rings that fit what you are after.  If you are looking for a more rare stone or gem, then you will have to look for those specific kinds of rings, but you may be locked into a certain price range, as well as a limited time era or style.
  • Style – If your main concern is a specific time period or a specific style such as the Victorian era rings, then you will have an easier time navigating through the rings.  Find a seller or collector that deals specifically with that time period or style so that you can narrow your focus to only the kind of rings you are most interested in buying.  Some of the more popular styles and time periods are:
    • Filigree This specific design centers around a lace-like look and style.  There is always an intricate and detailed structure around the ring that can just be a part of the band and only made of metal, or also include added stones such as diamonds for an even more elegant effect.  The filigree design is easy to spot due to its abundance of curls and twists in the metal that will continue to be seen and impress, even when the ring is resting flat on a surface.
    • Art-Deco This design focuses on using various combinations of geometric shapes to create an impressive and beautiful ring.  The shapes and designs can appear in the band, where the metal is twisted into geometric patterns, or it can happen with the main stone and the side stones.  Often times both the metal and the stones are arranged in such a way that they take on a complex geometric pattern that is pleasing to the eye and extremely unique.  The most interesting part of the pattern often occurs when you turn the ring onto its side and realize that there is one geometric design when you look down at the ring, and a whole different pattern when it is on its side.
    • Victorian This is one of the most popular time periods for people to want their rings to resemble or come from.  There are a lot of options in this category, because of the long stretch of time that these rings were popular for.  They usually come in either silver or yellow gold, though towards the later part of the era, rose gold began to be used quite a lot.  They come in a variety of gems.  Once the industrial revolution hit, however, diamonds really took off as an available stone for rings, so there are a great deal of options for diamond-fans and sapphire-fans alike.  These tend to be a plainer looking ring, with more of a simple classic effect—plain, but timeless.
    • Edwardian This ring is the counter to the Victorian.  It makes good use of the filigree design and also includes a great deal of stones and intricate lace and metalwork.  It offers a huge selection of stone colors, ring styles, and unique looks.  Most of these rings were made from platinum, so those who worry about the metal of the band do not have to worry very much.  Fans of this style are often looking for a ring that feels unique, and is impressive without being flashy.  These rings were most popular during the reign of King Edward, and often feature hearts, bows, and flowers in the designs.  There’s a great deal of stories you can find with each ring, so think about what you would like to find and then have a professional dealer or collector help lead you to the right ring.
  • Lifestyle – A huge factor into what kind of ring you should get is the kind of lifestyle you lead, and how much of a part your wedding ring is going to play in each day.  If you tend to be very active, and are especially around water a lot, you may need to turn down certain time periods because they can easily be ruined or damaged by water, or blunt trauma.  If your ring will not be taking a lot of hits, then you are in the clear for a great deal of rings and styles.  The best thing to do is to look at your average day, take into account the kind of events your ring will most likely go through, and let a dealer know.  If they are experts in their field, they will be able to bring you to the time period or style that will not only survive your lifestyle, but compliment it.
  • Real/Faux Vintage – Here is a characteristic that may make shopping for vintage rings easier for some people.  Ask yourself: Are you shopping for a ring that just looks a certain way, or are you shopping for a ring with a story?  If you are shopping for a ring with a story, then you really are in the market for a vintage ring and nothing else.  Find a store you can trust and begin your search there, keeping the above points in mind.  If you are really just after a specific style, then you have an additional option.  Instead of buying an actual vintage ring, you can also find a store that sells new rings styled in specific styles or with specific time period characteristics.

This turns into a great opportunity for some shoppers because they no longer have to worry about the parts of their life that may negatively affect the ring they buy, and they also may be able to be more flexible with their price range.  This is especially nice for people who want to mix and match characteristics of different times and styles, or want a vintage ring with a different stone.  Many sellers will even create a custom-made ring based on photos you show them of other rings you enjoy, which results in the beauty and timelessness of a vintage ring, but the newness, durability and uniqueness of having your own ring made.

Regardless of what kind of ring you find most appealing, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to buying vintage rings.  Vintage items in general often come with a lot of research, understanding and compromising.  However, this only means that with a little hard work and searching, you will find the perfect vintage wedding ring for you, one that fits your personality and tastes and will travel a lifetime of memories with you.

Vintage Wedding Rings

Many of our Vintage Wedding Rings will work with any number of our engagement rings and vintage engagement rings. Even if you see one you like and it wasn’t designed to work with a particular ring you like on our site or any other, we can redesign it so it does. Just give us a call.