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Lustour Stones – The Best Diamond Alternative

One Carat Round Lustour Simulated Diamond Gemstone
Lustour Stones Video With Kathy Ireland

The Lustour Stone is a lab created carbon marvel that surpasses any stone in brilliance, beauty, and luster. It is a masterpiece created with a special patented process that is a fusion of art and technology. Each stone is hand cut to beauty and perfection – almost always flawless and colorless! ” ~ lustour.com

Lustour vs. Moissanite

The Moissanite had it’s day in the sun. To those who couldn’t afford a real diamond the moissanite was the answer. But over time we’ve received many calls and emails asking if there was a better alternative to the diamond. For a while there wasn’t.

Then we stumbled upon the Lustour Diamond. We informed all of our clients who asked us about a better alternative, and they jumped on it. They couldn’t be happier, and since then we’ve been letting our future clients in on the secret. It really is that beautiful.

Diamond Prices compared to Lustour Diamond (Stone) Prices

Diamonds are an expensive gemstone. PERIOD! But a Lustour Gemstone is just a fraction of the cost, at a retail cost of only $800 a carat compared to a diamond. But that’s just the beginning in savings. Read below.


.50 ct. – $400
.75 ct. – $600
1.0 ct. – $800
1.25 ct. – $1000
1.50 ct. – $1200
1.75 ct. – $1400
2.0 ct. – $1600


.50 ct. – $1.5K+
.75 ct. – $2.5K+
1.0 ct. – $4K+
1.25 ct. – $7K+
1.50 ct. – $10K+
1.75 ct. – $13K+
2.0 ct. – $16K+

The Lustour diamond alternative is priced the same across the board while diamonds are priced according to many factors.

Diamonds get more expensive the bigger they get. But the price doesn’t go up at a set rate. In other words if a diamond costs $4000 – $8000 for a 1 carat diamond it’s not going to cost $6000 – $12000 for a 2 carat.

Because diamonds are priced based on rarity. 2 carats and higher are more rare so that 2 carat diamond could cost as much as $16,000 to $20,000 or higher. And not only are diamonds priced according to size, they are also priced according to color, clarity, and cut. The better color, clarity and cut, the higher the price. It gets confusing and expensive really fast.

BloomingBeautyRing is an authorized dealer of Lustour Stones.

The Lustour Stone is completely green!

  • It’s completely lab grown making it eco-friendly.
  • 100% conflict free and completely ethical. So you can be sure you’re not getting a blood diamond.
  • Never Mined. It didn’t require draining lakes, explosives, or damaging fragile ecosystems in Russia, Canada, Africa, U.S.A, and many more places.
  • Carbon based just like a diamond, so it will have the properties of a mined diamond, and act like a mined diamond without the excessive energy used to actually mine a diamond.

Lab Grown

100% Eco-Friendly

100% Conflict Free

and completely ethical

Carbon based like a diamond using minute energy

A Lustour stone is about as close as you can get to a real diamond without actually buying the real thing.

The dispersion and refraction (fire and sparkle) is so close to a diamond that’s it’s impossible to tell the difference without a microscope and a trained professional.

Dispersion, refers to an optical property of gemstones whereby flashes and pinpoints of spectral colors are displayed as the stone is turned in the light. And, as the light moves through the diamond, it is scattered and fractured, creating the sparkle that diamonds are known for. This is the refraction.

Lustour Stone Chart compared to others for dispersion, toughness and refractiveness

The Quality of a Lustour Diamond Alternative

Even though the price of the Lustour stone is the same price across the board. It’s always colorless (D-F in color), it’s always Flawless to Near Flawless (IF – VS in clarity), and it’s always hand cut to hearts and arrows perfection. That is to say that it’s cut is immaculately ideal which in turn gives off a brilliant sparkle with every twist of the hand

A Lustour Diamond is always cut to a hearts and arrows pattern

Can a Lustour Stone be confused with a real diamond?

If you’re just looking at it, Yes. It was created to mimic the natural look and brilliance of a real diamond. Even we couldn’t distinguish the difference between the two. However, try and pass the Lustour diamond off as real one at a jewelers and you’ll find it’s not so easy.

Not because they can tell the difference with their own eyes, but there’s a machine that can test different gemstones. Called, for lack of better name, a Diamond Testing Machine. The Lustour diamond manufacturers added a special chemical into their gemstone that only the machine can pick up on. It’s this chemical that tells the machine it’s not a real diamond.

100% Money Back Guarantee for Life

Rest assured that BloomingBeautyRing.com guarantees your Lustour Diamond Alternative for life. If anything should happen to your Lustour stone just send it back to us, and we’ll replace it with a new one. It’s just that simple.

Available in any popular shape, popular size, and most colors.

Lustour Diamonds

Lustour Diamonds

Final Thoughts…

If a diamond is out of your price range, you should take the option of a Lustour stone to heart. For the past few months we’ve had the chance to sell the Lustour Stone, and our customers have been exceedingly happy.

The Lustour Stone is a lab-created 100% carbon, synthetic diamond alternative. NOT a diamond simulate. A simulate is glassier looking than a diamond, and gives off an exceedingly higher dispersion (flashes of light). Your typical diamond simulates are Cubic Zirconia, and Moissanite.

The dispersion of diamond simulates, which often looks like a disco ball of light, is usually a dead give-away that it’s not a diamond, and the glassy-ness look in the cheaper to mid versions of cz and moissanite make the “diamond alternate” look extremely fake.

On the other hand, the Lustour Stone is very close to the dispersion of a diamond and it’s refractive property is also quite close. Couple that with the perfect hearts and arrow cut of each, you get an end result of a near perfect choice for a diamond alternative at a fraction of the cost. The best part…

You won’t have to worry about the color, clarity and cut of the Lustour Diamond, where you would with a diamond. Your Lustour Stone will always be near perfection.

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