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Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are perhaps the most popular style of setting for those seeking an engagement ring with exquisite handcrafted details, originality, and superior craftsmanship. Born from a bygone era when quality mattered and Master Jewelers took pride in every ring they created, antique engagement rings offer timeless beauty and a unique experience filled with history.

We specialize in "Antique Style Engagement Rings", designed and created to look like the real thing. And just like the authentic antique engagement rings that you admire so much, all of our engagement rings are painstakingly handcrafted by Master Jewelers in our Los Angeles manufacturing facility.

Yes, our engagement rings are made by hand, the same way that authentic antique engagement rings have been made for centuries.  The only difference that you will notice is that our engagement rings are all brand new.  This means that your new antique style engagement ring will not show any signs of wear, or stress fractures in the metal, and you will not have to worry about chipped, cracked, or missing diamonds that are so common in authentic antique engagement rings that are decades old.

Tip #2:  Since authentic antique engagement rings are many decades old, it is important to have a professional examination performed by a trained jeweler before purchasing one.  This should be done in order to identify any chipped, cracked, or missing diamonds, as well as making certain there are no stress fractures in the metal band or the prongs.