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Shopping Securely on BloomingBeautyRing.com

Shopping and Ordering Securely

At BloomingBeautyRing.com we have done our best to completely eliminate any chance of fraud and identity theft by using only the best ways to transfer money and accept credit cards.

Shopping Securely

If you have heard any of the news lately, you already know that Identity Theft is a major threat to consumers. It seems that even the largest retailers in the world are having a difficult time keeping their customers transactions safe and secure. And to make matters worse, it doesn’t even matter whether you buy something online or at your local store. (I am sure that you are aware of the big retailers that I am referring to) And then just about the time that you begin to feel comfortable again, another security threat is discovered that hackers have already been exploiting before it was even discovered! It’s almost enough to scare you in to never wanting to use your credit card again.

Lotus Flower Engagement Rings

Lotus Flower Engagement Rings

** On A Side Note: Fraud and Identity Theft are serious problems that consumers face everyday. If you have not heard of LifeLock identity theft protection, you should consider looking in to this company before you make another purchase anywhere. You can find out more about them here.

Paypal – One Of The Most Trusted Names In Payments

Keep in mind that our unique wedding ring business is family owned and operated and is run by “ordinary people” just like you. We are also very concerned about being able to shop in a safe and secure environment without the threat of having our identity stolen! That is why we determined the best way for us to sell our unique settings online and keep our customers safe, was to let the experts handle it. In fact you will never be asked for any of your credit card or debit card information by anyone at our business, nor will you have to enter it online at our website. You will only be asked to provide the details about the ring that you want to purchase, and for an email address that we can send an invoice to.

The Payment Process For Debit Cards and Credit Cards

All credit card and debit card payments are made through PayPal.  When it comes to making a purchase online, very few companies have as much experience at processing orders safely and securely than PayPal does.  In fact many of our customers already have PayPal accounts set up and have already used them in the past to make other purchases.  However please be aware that it is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase from us.

Once you provide us with your email address, we will issue you an invoice through PayPal that you can use your credit card or debit card to pay for.  Please be aware that PayPal may require you to verify some of your information before releasing your payment(s) to our company.  If any portion of your purchase is paid for with a Debit Card or Credit Card, we will only ship your purchase to the Confirmed and Authorized address on the PayPal transaction page.  We also require that your purchase be fully verified by PayPal and that it qualifies for the PayPal Seller Protection Policy found here.  In the event that this does not occur, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your payment in the same fashion that we received it.

This is all done for your protection, as well as ours. Both parties are 100% protected, as much as can be, by the best credit card processing company in the world.

Bank Wire Transfers

For those of you that are able to make your payment via a bank wire transfer, you will enjoy 3 nice “perks” so to speak.  But before we go over those perks, let us explain to those who are not familiar with this process, how it works.  After we learn that you want to make your payment with a bank wire transfer, we will send you our banking information.  In most cases, you will print this document and bring it to your bank.  Typically a banker that has been trained to perform bank wire transfers will assist you with the process.  There may be a fee for sending the bank wire transfer (usually about $15 – $30) charged to you by the bank.  However any fees that you have to pay should be much less than the 5% discount you will enjoy off the price of the engagement ring setting.  A typical customer will save between $150 – $300 off the price of their engagement ring setting.  Your total savings will depend upon the cost of your setting and will be representative of a 5% discount.

**Please be aware that we require all diamonds and gemstones be paid with a bank wire transfer and they do not qualify for the 5% discount.  When we quote a price to a customer on a diamond or gemstone, it will already be the lowest possible cost that we can sell it for.  Therefor the 5% discount only applies to the engagement ring and/or matching wedding band purchase price.  

**Please be aware that you will never be asked for your private banking information by anyone at our company.  In order for you to make a bank wire transfer to our company, we do not need any of your banking or private information.

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