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How to figure out your Ring Size

~ Find Her Ring Size with Stealth ~

So you need to know a ring size. Piece of cake. Just follow these steps and you'll be set. The top portion of the ring size page is dedicated to finding her size without her knowing. If she already knows and you just need to get her ring size then skip to the bottom for VERY important information regarding the factors involved when determining the correct size.

I don’t have say this is one of the most nerve racking things about buying a ring. Especially if it’s a surprise unique engagement ring. YOU WANT IT TO FIT! No one wants the scenario to play out the other way. The steps below are very easy to do yourself, but remember…be stealthy.

  • Find one of her other rings and bring it in to be sized
  • Make up a email survey where one of the questions would be what her ring size is.
  • Ask her best friend to find out.
  • Be traditional and ask her parents for her hand in marriage than get them to find out

The problem with using one of her other rings is that her right hand fingers and her left hand fingers can be very different in sizes. The survey way will take a little planning, but if she does take the survey she may not even know her engagement ring finger size. Best Friends and Parents are great, but are they great actors, actresses? Will they make her suspicious?

1.37 ctw. Small Blooming Beauty Flower Engagement Ring

  • 1.37 ctw. Original Small Blooming Beauty Flower Engagement Ring
  • 1.37 ctw. Original Small Blooming Beauty Flower Engagement Ring Laying Down
  • 1.37 ctw. Small Blooming Beauty Flower Engagement Ring White Background
  • Small Blooming Beauty Flower Ring on the Finger / Hand
  • Original Small Blooming Beauty Flower Ring Standing Up Video

    Standing Up

  • Original Small Blooming Beauty Flower Ring Laying Down Video

    Laying Down

  • Original Small Blooming Beauty Flower Ring on the finger Video

    On the Finger

  • Comparison between the large and small Blooming Beauty Rings Video

    Compare both versions

Here are two ways to get the ring size exactly! Stealth and Acting are unfortunately part of the process, though, so get in your 007 mode and have fun with it.

Sure Fire Way #1

While you're just laying there with her, very romantically put her hand in yours and say "Wow, I can't believe how much smaller women's hands are to men's" "I wonder how much smaller it is?" "I'm going to find out". Then go grab a piece of string and start with the end of it and then wrap it around her engagement finger then with a black marker mark off where the string overlaps. Then do the same to yourself. Put the strings side by side and see the difference.

When the test is all done, just cleverly keep her string, and follow the guide below or bring it in to a jeweler and find her ring size. Acting is very important here. Maybe possibly throw the strings away in front of her, then later go get her's and replace it with another string so she never suspects anything because she'll see the strings still in the trash.

This was the method of choice for one of our ring designers. It worked.

Sure Fire Way #2

Here's a trick for the brave hearted. One member of our staff actually did this one. If she's a heavy sleeper this is the one for you. Just be sure to have an excuse ready just in case she wakes up! Never hurts to be prepared!

Ok. Wait until she's fast asleep, then...

  • Tear a thin slice off a piece of paper, and wrap it around her finger.
  • Mark off where the paper begins to overlap around her finger.
  • Then just measure from the beginning of the paper to your mark, and follow the chart below.

Find Your Ring Size

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Inches mm
4 1 13/16 46.5
4 1/2 1 7/8 47.8
5 1 15/16 49
5 1/2 2 50.3
6 2 1/16 51.5
6 1/2 2 1/8 52.8
7 2 3/16 54
7 1/2 2 1/4 55.3
8 2 5/16 56.6
8 1/2 2 3/8 57.6
9 2 7/16 59.1
9 1/2 2 1/2 60.3
10 2 9/16 61.6
10 1/2 2 5/8 62.8
11 2 11/16 64.1
11 1/2 2 3/4 65.3
12 2 13/16 66.6
12 1/2 2 7/8 67.9
13 2 15/16 69.1

Things To Consider When Determining The Correct Ring Size.

The Perfect Fit

Rings that fit correctly should require “a little effort” to be removed. A simple test is that it should take about 1 to 2 seconds to pull it off your finger.

Her Cycle

Due to a woman’s monthly cycle, her finger size may increase when she is retaining water. This is not a good time to measure. Doing so you could order a size that’s too loose.

A ring that is too loose may have a tendency to spin on her finger.

Watch Dehydration

For athletic people: Don’t take your measurements right after a work out when you could be dehydrated. This could create a smaller ring size than normal

At BloomingBeautyRing.com, we offer you the “Perfect Fit Guarantee”. If for any reason your ring does not fit as desired, we will resize it for free. You have up to 6 months to have your ring resized up or down, up to one full size.