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VS1 versus VS2 diamonds

~ Difference between VS1 and VS2 ~

When comparing Vs1 versus Vs2 diamonds you’ll be hard pressed to see any difference at all with your naked eye. You have to look closer…much closer.

Before we get started you need to understand one very important thing. Clarity Grading is all about inclusions, and how easily you can see them.

Vs1 versus Vs2 diamonds – Quick Study

Generally, a VS diamond rating and higher comes with a nice guarantee that you won’t be able to see any inclusions with the naked eye. It’s when you look under 10x magnification using a microscope or jeweler’s loupe you’ll be able to see them.

Now, if you’re the typical layman you won’t find much. Especially when most people simply look for black spots or scratches, but a trained professional knows exactly what to look for and WILL see inclusions at the VS1-VS2 level under 10x, and sometimes rather easily.

Vs1 versus Vs2 Diamonds – The Answer

What separates the two gradings, is how easily the inclusions are noticed. That’s it! VS2 inclusions under 10x magnification are simply easier to see than Vs1 inclusions. What does that mean?

It could have 3 meanings.

  • It means that Vs2 inclusions are a touch bigger, so it’s easier to notice, but it won’t be that much bigger. The VS2 grade is an exceptionally nice clarity ranking.
  • It could mean there are more inclusions making them easier to spot.
  • Lastly it could also means that when comparing the two, the VS1 inclusion is simply hidden better than the VS2 inclusion. Hidden meaning on the the very edge of the diamond, or way down at the bottom. A place that’s harder to notice.

That’s it though. When it all comes down to it, VS2 diamonds just have inclusions that are easier to see than VS1 diamonds under 10x magnification. Take a look at the picture below.

VS Inclusions

VS diamonds have minor inclusions. No black carbon spots, maybe a white spot here and there, possibly a very small feather, and on a rare occasion you might find the tiniest crack.

 All inclusions will be so small you’ll need to give your eyes at least 10x magnification to see them , and all flaws will be shown on your grading report.

vs1 and vs2 clarity difference

VS1 vs. VS2 diamonds when Dealing with Different Shapes

Round, Marquise and Princess diamonds reflect light pretty well disguising many flaws to the naked eye.  However, if the cut of the diamond is not good the facets of the diamond will not reflect the light back up, but instead reflect it elsewhere allowing inclusions to be seen much more easily.  No need to worry though, because even if your Round, Marquise or Princess diamond is dull and completely lifeless, if it’s rated a VS1-VS2 clarity you will still need bionic eyes to see any flaws. Assuming it was graded correctly.

In fact in all my experience in the diamond industry I have never seen a single flaw with my naked eye when the diamond was graded Vs1-Vs2 in any Round, Princess, Marquise, Pear, Oval, or any other fancy cut EXCEPT the Emerald diamond! Again, this only applies to when the diamond was graded accurately.

Although, I haven’t seen a flaw with my naked eye when there was a Vs1 clarity grading, I have seen 2 emerald diamonds rated Vs2 that I could see the flaw in. Emerald cut diamonds have a very long table (top flat part of diamond), and it’s not the best reflector of light even with the most ideal cut, so given these two conditions,  sometimes even in VS2 emerald diamonds you just might be able to see a small scratch or white spot , but the inclusions I saw were on the very edge of the diamond. You would really have to stare and search to see it.

Be safe when you purchase your diamond.

Buying Safe

All in all, when you buy a true VS1-VS2 diamond you are buying safe! When I say “buying safe” I’m referring to diamonds graded by GIA, EGL USA, or AGS.

Although it’s a topic for another article, if you purchase a diamond graded by anyone else you’re basically playing roulette on whether or not they accurately graded the diamond. Emerald diamonds are the only exception in my experience.

This needs to be made very clear.

I have seen many VS2 AND VS1 diamonds with inclusions to the naked eye when the diamond WAS NOT graded by either GIA, EGL USA, and/or AGS.  Who grades your diamond is VERY important. 

In fact it’s so important, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by reading our advanced diamond clarity chart page.

Vs1 versus Vs2 Diamonds - Why the Hefty Price Difference?

Diamonds are graded at the 10x level. Even in diamonds graded flawless you WILL still have inclusions. You would simply have to increase the magnification. No diamond is perfect, and that's what gives them their personality and uniqueness.

 Since the gradings are at the 10x level that's what the pricing scheme works off of, as well.  So when we look at a situation like Vs1 versus Vs2 diamonds, and the answer is as simple as "how easily inclusions are seen", realize that very ease at which you see the inclusions, is exactly what makes VS1 diamonds that much more rare than VS2 diamonds, and more rare means more money!