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Engagement Ring Upgrade or Anniversary Ring

Our Flower Style Diamond Rings Work Well For Either Occassion.

Engagement Ring Upgrade or Anniversary Ring

The Engagement Ring Surprise

For many couples, the engagement ring is a sentimental reminder of the heady years when they first met and fell in love. It is generally the first big purchase made in the wedding process, and its choice is often a surprise for the bride-to-be. One of the joys in getting engaged is showing your friends and family your new engagement ring. That dazzling sparkle on your finger is a source of pride and a symbol of your happiness in the months leading up to your wedding day.

But what do you do if the ring he has chosen is not to your particular liking for some reason? What if it is really small, or you don’t like the setting, or the metal chosen doesn’t go with your other day-to-day jewelry? Answer: you will probably live with his selection if you don’t want to hurt his feelings. Of course, who can forget the famous episode when Carrie Bradshaw did some snooping on Sex and the City, only to be horrified when she uncovered the ring Aiden had bought for her? Although Samantha eventually came to the rescue and did some damage control before he popped the question, not all brides get a pre-engagement intervention.

Anniversary Rings vs Engagement Rings

Let’s face it. Many people get married when they are young and unable to afford the ring of their dreams, so consequently their engagement ring often ends up being a compromise of some kind. It’s about settling for what the groom can afford at the time, which may mean fewer carats and a lower quality diamond; certainly a more modest, though not necessarily less meaningful expression of his love. But things (and your tastes) change over time. When you’ve been together for many years, you may feel it is time to reflect your more secure financial situation and the longevity of your relationship ñ with the purchase of a brand new ring. You’ve inevitably developed a more sophisticated flair in the selection of your other jewelry and clothes, and your engagement ring may now look like it could really do with an upgrade.

Another reason to consider a diamond ring upgrade is if you decide to renew your vows. Many couples these days celebrate their marriage with a vow renewal ceremony, sometimes after going through a difficult time together. They reaffirm their commitment to each other after ten, twenty or more years of marriage.

What you call an Engagement Ring Upgrade, some call an Anniversary Ring.

In terms of etiquette, there is no set rule about the timing of vow renewals. Couples exchange rings in front of family and friends and promise to continuing loving each other, whenever they feel the time is right. This is a popular occasion for many to consider upgrading their rings. We have customers at Blooming Beauty Ring, however, who come to us for the purchase of a new ring to celebrate multiple years of being together, whether they go through an actual vow renewal ceremony or not. Some prefer to call this an “anniversary” ring rather than a replacement or upgraded engagement ring, but it is invariably worn on the wedding finger in place of the original engagement ring. They are looking for a unique expression of their love after years of marriage in a ring that is a more suitable representation of their future together as well as their past.

The Different Anniversary Dates.

Couples in most countries celebrate wedding anniversaries which have their own particular set schedule and are often accompanied by a new ring, though not necessarily following the particular metal or name of the anniversary. The origins of wedding anniversaries actually date back as far as the Holy Roman Empire, when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and a gold wreath on their fiftieth. Later in the twentieth century, anniversaries became more commercialized and more were added, represented by a named gift made of a certain metal or substance.

The Fifth Wedding Anniversary is supposedly represented by Wood, the Tenth is Tin, (though your bride may not thank you for gifts made of wood or tin!) the Fifteenth is Crystal, the Twentieth is China, the Twenty Fifth is Silver, the Thirtieth is Pearl, the Fortieth is Ruby, the Fiftieth is Gold, the Sixtieth is Diamond and the Seventieth is Platinum. Couples may choose to celebrate only one of two of these anniversaries with the purchase of an upgraded diamond ring, when it is most meaningful to them.

The Art Carved Blooming Flower Ring with Rose Gold Petals

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What Our Rings Represent to Your Engagement or Anniversary

Our one-of-a-kind Blooming Beauty Flower ring collection, including the Blooming Beauty Rose or Lotus Engagement Rings, are an extremely popular choice as an engagement ring upgrade – whatever the anniversary, celebration or particular reason might be. These stunning diamond masterpieces, which can be custom designed to include colored gemstones, are cleverly made from multiple molds which have been blended together to reveal the delicate, unfolding petals of a flower depicted in precious stones.  They represent the continued growth and openness of your relationship, both of which are vital ingredients in a successful marriage. 

We have created the unique design of our flower diamond rings to symbolize your future together. You loved your old engagement ring back then, when your budget was tight and there were so many other expenses to cover. But should you move on? If you feel it’s time for an upgrade or if you are celebrating an important anniversary, we think  the symbolism of our Blooming Flower rings will resonate as your love continues to blossom. 

Take a look at our 3 most popular unique engagement ring styles! All rings have matching wedding bands. Even if not listed. Just call or email us.

Hand Engraved

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Large Hand Engraved Blooming Beauty Flower Ring


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