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Our Engagement Ring Settings

Most Common Questions We Receive About Our Unique Engagement Ring Settings

We are often asked questions about our unique engagement ring settings. Many of these questions could be the same ones you want to ask, so we decided to explain things in more detail on this page. Hopefully this will help our customers understand the custom nature & design flexibility of our engagement settings.

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If you do not find your answer here please feel free to contact us anytime via phone or email, whichever you are more comfortable with, and we will be glad to assist you.

On our website, you will find one of the largest collections of engagement ring settings that any company has to offer. Many of our designs are so unique that you will not see them offered for sale anywhere else. If you have been searching for that special setting but have been having a difficult time finding it, we are confident that you will find it on our website. Unlike many other engagement ring websites, here you will find many different designs and styles, hundreds in fact. We have something for everyone so be sure to take your time and look through them all. If by chance you don’t see one that is perfect for you, be sure to check back often because we add new designs fairly often.

Unique Engagement Ring Settings

Click the picture to see this unique engagement ring setting.

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Can I make any changes to an engagement ring setting that I like?

We do allow some changes to the settings, however the changes we allow are limited by the overall design of the setting. Therefor we will not alter the overall design of the setting, however there are still many changes you can request. A good example of the alterations that can be made, are with the quality of the “accent” diamonds. We typically use G-H color grade and VS2-SI1 clarity grade diamonds for the accents diamonds in our rings. As far as “accent diamonds” in engagement ring settings are concerned, these are high quality diamonds that will look beautiful with all center diamonds. For instance, if you own a very rare “D” color grade diamond and you would like your accent diamonds to match, we can make your setting with “D-E” color grade diamonds. In this case, there will be a modest charge for the higher color grade diamonds. Please also be aware that it is not uncommon to see much lower color & clarity grade diamonds used as accents diamonds in settings offered by other companies. In fact, many large “national chain jewelry stores” will use very low quality diamonds in their settings, and still charge significantly more than us. With all of the advertising they do, you can probably see why. Just think about how much they spend. You are paying for that advertising when you buy one of their overpriced settings, with low quality diamonds and higher prices. But hey, it will have their name stamped on it!

More Customization Options

Another good example of the type of customization we will do is hand engraving. Engagement setting bbr389 is one of our most popular engagement rings. It has stunning details that include hand engraving on the engagement ring. However bbr389 is more expensive than bbr411 because it is a much larger version of that ring and has larger “accent” diamonds. Engagement setting bbr389 was really created with a 1.5 carat or much larger (as big as you want), center diamond in mind. Whereas engagement setting bbr411 was created with a 1.0 carat to 2.0 carat center diamond in mind.

Item # bbr411 / 1.75 ctw.

Custom Princess Engagement Ring Setting

Item # bbr389 / 2.10 ctw.

Round Unique Engagement Ring Setting

Both engagement rings have the same design. However bbr411 was created with smaller accent diamonds than bbr389. This was done because of a customization request. One customer loved the design of bbr389, but wanted it scaled down to better fit her budget. We were more than happy to accommodate her wishes. It saved her close to $1000.

  • Many of our engagement settings can also have the center diamond switched to the size and shape you wish. There are some exceptions however due to the way the engagement ring was designed. Some of our designs were created for a specific shape and size of diamond in mind. If you would like to know what size and shape of diamond a specific setting will accommodate, please feel free to contact us.
  • You may also order your engagement setting in any type of precious metal you prefer. White gold, Yellow Gold, Palladium and Platinum. Our gold engagement ring setting are available in 14k & 18K gold. We are one of, only a handful of companies that offer Palladium as an option for your engagement setting. You can learn more about Palladium engagement ring settings by visiting this page. PALLADIUM ENGAGEMENT RINGS
  • If you notice that one of our settings has a 4 prong head and you would like a 6 prong head, we can do that for you if the design will accommodate it. Or if you would like your setting to be made from gold but the head to be made from platinum, we can do that too.

The customizations mentioned above, as well as many others can be made on most of our engagement ring settings. If you have any questions, it is always best to contact us and just ask. We will be more than happy to let you know if we can make the changes you are requesting and we will gladly do them for you if the design of that rings allows it.

Can I pay extra to get my engagement ring faster?

We will never charge a customer extra for trying to accommodate your expedited request and we will always try our best to meet your time requirements. We do ship all of our engagement rings with free 2nd day delivery, and many times (at our discretion) overnight delivery for no additional charge. However our engagement ring settings are custom made when you place your order, per your specifications. Picture this: We offer hundreds of settings, in 6 different precious metal choices, and an almost unlimited number of ring finger sizes. This doesn’t even include the option of changing out the center diamond shape and size, as well as any other customizations that are requested. The combination of possibilities that we offer our settings in, are almost infinite in number. If we were to stock every possible option, we would have to stock hundreds of thousands of settings. I’m not sure I can even count how many we would need to stock.

The other option would be to try and predict what we need to stock and if we are wrong, just resize the ring and make whatever other changes need to be made. The problem we have with that method is we don’t feel that you will receive the best quality setting that way. Our opinion is that it’s always better to have your engagement ring made to the size that you order. For example, we would rather make your ring a size 4, rather than changing a size 6 setting to a size 4, or vice-versa. You will have to wait a little longer for your diamond engagement ring to arrive, but hey, this is your engagement ring we are talking about! She is going to be wearing it for the rest of her life. Any additional time it takes to make your engagement ring perfect, will be well worth the wait. If you do need your engagement ring faster, please feel free to call us and let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

How long does it take to get my diamond engagement ring after I order it?

Engagement Ring Flower Settings

This may vary some depending upon the time of year and the complexity of your ring. Engagement rings that are more detailed such as setting bbr434 (to the left) can take a little bit longer. Holidays can also mean a longer delivery time as well. With that said, the average time to your front door is about 10 business days. Best case scenario is usually about 7 days, and worst case scenario is approximately 14 business days. Again we would like to stress that if you absolutely need your ring sooner than that, please call us and let us know. We will try to accommodate you whenever possible.

Click the picture or here to see this engagement ring flower setting.

Do you offer a warranty with your diamond engagement rings?

Yes we do. We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all engagement rings that we sell. Remember that we are not only the people who will make your engagement ring, but as is the case with most of the engagement rings on our website, we probably even designed it too. We strongly believe that there is no company better suited to stand behind our engagement rings, and to ensure that your engagement ring stays beautiful for a lifetime of enjoyment. In many cases we may at our own discretion, only charge you for our basic costs to repair a ring that was accidentally damaged by you. Please be aware that just like every other company out there, we have reasonable limits to our warranty and therefor do not cover normal or excessive “wear and tear”.

It sounds like you are very confident in the quality of your engagement rings. Does this mean that you insure them for me too?

Although it is true that we are extremely confident in the quality of our engagement rings, we do not offer “diamond or engagement ring insurance”. It is your responsibility to acquire insurance for your diamond and/or engagement ring. Insurance for your diamond engagement ring is in most cases, very easy and affordable to obtain through your homeowners/renters insurance company. If you do not have this type of insurance, please refer to JewelersMutual.com as an option. We are not affiliated with JewelersMutual in any way, however many of our customers have been very satisfied with them. It is extremely important that you read our Diamond Insurance page. It has many great tips and even more things to watch out for.

What type of precious metal do you recommend for my engagement setting?

Item# bbr159
(click the picture to see this setting)

Very thick, Very Wide Engagement Ring Settings

Example of a very
thick engagement ring setting.

Most jewelers would agree that engagement rings made from platinum are the best choice for a diamond engagement ring. Platinum is very dense and very durable. (The density of platinum will mean that your setting will weigh more, almost double the weight) It will tend to hold diamonds in place better than all other metals and will also be less likely to have a prong break. A typical platinum engagement ring will be stamped “950” which means that it is 95% pure platinum. Another benefit of platinum is that it is a naturally white material, so it will never need to be re-rhodium plated to stay white in appearance, like white gold engagement rings will require. If you do not periodically re-rhodium plate white gold engagement rings, they will begin to lose their white appearance and begin to revert back to the yellow gold that is underneath.

Remember, there is no such thing as “white gold” in nature. White gold rings are really yellow gold rings that are made to look white by rhodium plating. Another benefit to platinum is it’s hypoallergenic properties. If your bride-to-be is prone to certain types of allergies when wearing jewelry, then platinum or palladium may be the answer. However there is one major downside to platinum and that is it’s cost! Platinum is approximately 30 times more rare than gold. Of course this means that you will pay more for a platinum engagement ring. How much more you will pay will depend upon the type of setting you want.

A simple platinum solitaire engagement ring may only cost an additional $300 if it is a rather thin ring. A medium thickness platinum solitaire setting may run $500 to $600 additional. Very thick platinum engagement rings such as item # bbr159 (found to the left) may cost as much as $1,500 to $2,000 more. Another factor that can affect the price is the market fluctuation of precious metals. As we always like to recommend, if you have any questions about platinum as a possible choice for any of “our engagement ring settings”, please contact us..

So it sounds like you are recommending Platinum, is that correct?

Not necessarily. Platinum is not always the best answer. There are downsides to platinum too. The first downside is again, the cost. That is no small amount of additional money, and in many cases if you are like the rest of us and are working with a limited budget for your engagement ring, it’s just not affordable. There is also the fact that with the additional money you are spending on the platinum, that may translate to less money you have to spend on your diamond. Another factor to consider is maintenance costs. If you ever need your platinum ring re-sized for instance, it will most certainly cost you a fair amount more than a white gold ring will.

When it does come time to get that platinum engagement ring buffed out and polished, it will be more difficult and expensive to do. Another downside to platinum can be the very same thing that makes platinum so durable, it’s density. If you are buying a smaller or thinner style engagement ring, the extra weight may be considered a good thing. However with thicker engagement rings, the weight can almost become uncomfortable to some people. An option to consider is to have just the prongs made from platinum and the rest of the engagement ring made with gold. That way you will benefit from the lower cost of the gold setting, but also benefit from the greater strength where it matters most, holding the center diamond secure. This is really a win-win situation in my opinion.

What is the difference between 14k gold rings and 18k gold rings?

The first thing you will want to know is how much gold is in each. Pure gold is 24k. This means that 14k gold consists of 14/24 parts of solid gold, or about 58.3% gold content. The same applies to 18k gold (18/24) 18 out of 24 parts are gold, or about 75% pure gold content. That is why you will pay a little bit more for an 18k gold engagement ring, it has more gold content. That does not mean it is better though.

The remaining contents of the ring will consist of metal alloys to make the ring stronger and more durable. You can not make an engagement ring out of PURE GOLD (24k). It would be much too soft, because PURE GOLD is too soft for this purpose. A 14k gold engagement ring will have 41.7% metal alloys mixed with the gold and an 18k gold ring will have 25% metal alloys mixed with the gold. These metal alloys are what gives a gold engagement ring it’s strength. Therefor one could argue that even though 14 karat gold engagement rings are less expensive than 18k gold engagement rings, they are actually more durable. However some people do like to appearance of 18k gold as opposed to 14k gold. They believe that they just look better or have a “richer” look to them.

Is Palladium a good option for engagement rings?

Please read our article about Palladium Engagement Rings for the pros and cons of Palladium. In the mean time here are a couple of quick pros and cons. Very few jewelers have the ability to work with Palladium, therefor it may be more difficult to find someone in your community to perform maintenance for you. You may be limited to sending your ring back to us every time you need anything done to your ring. Palladium is also naturally white, and hypoallergenic (just like Platinum), because it belongs to the same group of precious metals.  It’s also much lighter than platinum, so it may be a good choice for those “Thicker & Heavier” engagement rings.

4 Prongs or 6 Prongs? Which one is right for me?

This is tricky question. Take a look at our 4 prongs or 6 prongs page, and you’ll have a better idea on what is best for your situation.

If I buy a diamond and an engagement ring setting from your business, do you set the center diamond for me?

Yes. When you buy the setting and the diamond from our company, we set the diamond in the ring for you. When we ship the item to you, it will be a completed engagement ring that will also include a ring box, and the diamond certificate if you buy a certified diamond from our database. If you would rather not have the diamond set, please let us know and we will be glad to ship the diamond and the engagement ring, without setting the center diamond. For customers that wish to purchase just an engagement ring setting, please note that all engagement ring settings are shipped with the “accent diamonds” already set. We do not ship “raw castings.”

What if I ordered the wrong ring size?

Bloomingbeautyring.com offers Free Resizing! We realize that most engagement proposals are a secret, so you usually have to take your best guess at her ring size. If you’re off, there’s no need to worry about it. Just send your ring back, with the correct size, and we’ll resize it for free.