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What Are Victorian Engagement Rings?

What Are Victorian Engagement Rings?

“Victorian Engagement Rings – Romantic Essence Through Time”

The Victorian period began in 1837 with the coronation of Queen Victoria and ends with her death in 1901. During that long period of time, fashions in Victorian engagement rings and other jewelry changed periodically. Various factors influenced these changes which can still be recognized among antiques sold at specialist shops and by some jewelers. Experts are currently replicating Victorian styles for modern collections and their popularity remains.

Early Victorian Engagement Rings

The trend in earliest rings and other items from the period is for there to be romance and lightness; hearts and flowers. This was particularly true when Victoria married Albert and their romantic marriage began. Even though they did not marry right away, the trend had already begun, perhaps to reflect the joy of being ruled by a new, young queen, the head of the biggest Empire on earth. Great Britain had good reason to rejoice.

Art Carved Antique Style Rose Victorian Engagement Ring

Two Toned Rose Gold Victorian Style Vintage Engagement Ring

Common shapes from this period also include halos and snakes. Snakes represented the entwined couple. Favorite gems and light-colored stones included diamonds but also colorful gems of bright shades which would frequently dominate the diamond.

Trends after Albert's Death

Love was not celebrated but mourned following the death of a still-young Prince Albert. Designs in jewelry reflected his loss in the dark color of stones added to all items. This is a dire period where the humor of early jewelry is wiped out. Items would be heavy and functional for a time, but the industrial revolution would alter the course of jewelry making. Discoveries throughout the Empire expanded possibilities. Silver and gold were still in use as modern precious metals were not known.

Victorian Style Engagement Ring Video

Showing a very popular Vintage Style / Victorian Rose Engagement Ring. Notice the filigree detailing, flower like patterns, and use of multi-colored gold.

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Art Carved Filigree Vintage Style Victorian Engagement Ring

Lasting Examples of a Victorian Empire

In later pieces, one will notice not just gold and silver but many dual- or multi-colored bands (yellow or pink gold, for example). Early examples of jewelry are generally heavier, but as time moved on, industrial manufacture allowed for lighter pieces. After the Great Exhibition, the world would always know that England was at the cutting edge of innovation.

Rings were lighter in weight, but they also regained some of their luster with the introduction of newly found stones from colonies such as the Americas, Australia, and South Africa. You will notice examples of antique rings bearing turquoise, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls alone or with diamonds. Many bands are engraved or feature elements of filigree. The solitaire was also introduced at this point as were mass-manufactured rings. Owning jewelry was much more affordable and open to more of the general public, not just royalty and the wealthy anymore.

Antique Victorian Ring Replicas

The latest Victorian engagement rings have actually been created individually in recent years by artisans, but you can also find many examples of Victorian engagement rings existing from the 19th Century. These will often feature the shapes of daisies and roses, will involve intertwined pieces, and carry blends of gems in traditional settings of tiny diamonds. The metal is still ornate and frequently includes those same forms of colored gold so popular during the 1800s. Unique Engagement Rings and Custom designs are made for people who know what to look for in a faux-antique Victorian ring.