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What are the Different Types of Antique Vintage Engagement Rings

What are the Different Types of Antique Vintage Engagement Rings

Although many popular styles of engagement rings are available today, antique and vintage engagement rings offer timeless beauty unlike any other. Manufactured at a time when skilled craftsman took great pride in the beauty and quality of their unique creations, many antique-vintage engagement rings have been enjoyed for centuries. Often handed down through the generations, no other type of engagement ring has been worn by so many brides.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings came into scene when we entered post-modern era. People started taking serious interest in antique and old jewelry. The interest slowly turned into a craze and today the use of vintage engagement rings is the latest fashion trend. A lot of people prefer the vintage and bygone rings over modern jewelry. Vintage rings give a special feeling of regality and romance, and symbolize love.

antique and vintage style engagement rings

Unique Antique and Vintage Style Engagement Ring

If you think your bride deserves a special treatment and you cannot wait to hear that particular “Yes”, which is going to make your life beautiful, then you cannot find a better gift than a heirloom ring. It will not only make her happy but also give her a sense of royalty for having such an antique ring on her hand. Since vintage rings are usually passed from generation to generation they carry an everlasting beauty and a feeling of affinity.

Linking Romance and History in One Ring

With a special sense of romance linked to them. Every antique ring has a history attached to it, of being presented as a sign of true love by early generations and then kept with devotion and love for years before it is handed over to the coming generation. Hence each ring comes with a rich history and this is what makes vintage rings different from the common and modern rings that are abundantly available nowadays. Vintage rings are treasures filled with love and tenderness. If your bride has a classy sense and a slight understanding of the feelings then you shouldn’t think twice about getting a vintage engagement ring.

Mostly handmade as they belong to an era when use of machines was rare and hence they are more precious. A close look at any vintage ring would show the craftsmanship of the experts who made the ring designs with hands. These rings have an enduring beauty and ageless romantic feeling which further adds to the beauty of the rings.

Antique Engagement Ring Video

Showing a popular antique style setting with Princess and baguette cut diamonds, along with detailed vintage styling on the engagement setting band.

Antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings are very popular styles preferred by many couples. However it is important to note that "antique engagement rings" versus "antique style engagement rings are 2 completely different types of engagement rings. The same holds true for "vintage engagement rings" versus "vintage style engagement rings"

The difference lies in the actual age of the ring and/or diamond. An authentic antique or vintage engagement ring will be decades or centuries old, whereas an antique style or vintage style engagement ring is a newly manufactured engagement ring with styling details that replicate the original designs from years ago.

Authentic antique engagement rings will not typically have a modern cut diamond such as a round brilliant or Princess cut diamond, unless the diamond was replaced at some point. The type of diamond that you are likely to find in a real antique engagement ring will be an "Old Miners Cut Diamond", or an "Old European". Rose cut diamonds are also popular antique cut diamonds found in antique settings. This is because diamond cutters did not have the technology or understanding that modern day diamond cutters have acquired throughout history.

Vintage rings are usually divided into three basic categories

Victorian Era Rings:

The Victorian era is spread roughly from 1837 to 1901 and the rings belonging to this era are a rare found. The rings from Victorian era are made of gold or yellow silver and carry precious stones like Ruby or Sapphire. Due to its rarity, these rings are more expensive than others.

This was an incredibly exciting time for unique engagement rings, as artistic styles were taken to new heights. New technology allowed for finer craftsmanship as well the education to use such technologies. A time for new religious movements and tremendous social and political differences. The Victorian period is often referred to as the Second English Renaissance, and it’s for this reason that some of the most historical and prized pieces of jewelry filled with stories and history have come from this time period.

Edwardian Era Rings:

First two decades of 20th century are considered as Edwardian era and the vintage engagement rings belonging to this era had the use of diamonds along with partial use of other stones. The rings from this era are finely handcrafted and delicately made. During this era, platinum was widely used in the creation of rings hence a lot of platinum made rings can also be found in market as well.

Art Deco Rings:

The last category of vintage engagement rings is called Art Deco, named after the design that emerged in Europe post WWI. Art deco soon became a famous design due to which the rings belonging to the era between 1920’s and 1930’s are called as Art Deco vintage engagement rings. These rings are known for the usage of fine cut precious stones and intricate designs of leaves and flowers.

Vintage Styles within the Categories

There are several styles and designs in the market including filigree rings, hand carved and hand engraved rings. However, you should be very careful about the selection and purchase of vintage rings. Far to many people buy knockoffs of the real thing. As most are expensive, take great care and do your homework to ensure you are buying from a reputable company.

Most reputable companies will market their rings as “Vintage Style Rings”. If you do not see the world “style”, it’s best you call and ask to see if the piece of jewelry is a replica or the real thing.

Antique and Vintage Filigree Rings

It can be a nostalgic choice where a ring is passed forward through generations; a continuation of tradition. It’s also because this genre coupled some of the most pleasing jewelry designs and effective manufacturing techniques. Not only was your grandmothers ring beautiful, grandmothers ring was tough, durable and stood the test of time!

“Our highly skilled craftsmen combine traditional methods with today’s technology to create an exquisite line of gold and platinum filigree jewelry – truly timeless pieces. With a collection of over 3,000 hand-engraved dies, most dating from the 1800s, we bring to life some of the most incredible and exclusive jewelry ever designed.”