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Top 3 Diamond Cuts

Top 3 Diamond Cuts

“Below is a guide for the top three diamond cuts to help you decide when it’s time to purchase your special surprise.”

Many places around the world, presenting your partner with a diamond ring is tradition, and choosing the right cut is especially hard if you’re not familiar with the types. Even if the occasion for buying a diamond has nothing to do with marriage, the question of cut can still be stressful.

Top 3 Diamond Cuts and Shapes

Top 3 Diamond Cuts and Shapes

#1 Round Cut

This cut has remained the most popular throughout history, and even to this day, comprises about three quarters of all diamond cuts. When you go to a store, this is most likely going to be the kind of diamond you see behind the counter. Beyond looking classy and being as timeless as can be, this cut is popular for a great deal of other reasons. For one, this is the only cut that completely maximizes the light and brightness potential of a diamond.

If you’re looking for something completely mind-blowing in terms of sparkle and shine, this is the diamond for you. It goes with every outfit, for every occasion, and will always catch the eye of anyone nearby. Getting this diamond for someone you love will send the message that you think they are worth the very best, and that they’re classy, beautiful, and the light of your life.

#2 Princess Cut

This cut didn’t exist until the 1960’s, when it was first created. It’s the most popular fancy cut, and has remained at spot two on the charts ever since its introduction. You can spot a princess cut by its classic square shape, and brilliant design. The cut looks intricate when you examine it, and it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the cut.

This is the perfect cut for someone who wants a little flair in their ring, but still wants the gorgeous design and impressive look in their diamond. It’s a little fancier than the round cut because it is a more modern cut, but it’s still just as beautiful and equally valuable as the round. This diamond says the receiver is someone above and beyond the status quo, someone who is classy, but different—a unique and valued soul amongst the crowd.

#3 Radiant Cut

At first glance, this cut looks like a princess cut, but it’s a more modified square cut diamond. Upon further examination, it’ll become apparent that the corners of this diamond are rounder, and the diamond is more elongated. It’s more of a mix between a cushion diamond and a princess cut, and the reason that it remains so popular among buyers is because of its shape, and extreme brightness.

It’s a great compromise on many diamond qualities—it has the overall shape of the princess cut, the brightness of the round cut, and the uniqueness of subtle changes to the shape. This is such a great choice for someone who differs from the norm, but still wants their diamond to shine brightly and be noticed in their unique engagement ring. The surface of this diamond is intricate and beautiful, marking it as one of the greatest choices for cuts to get that special someone in your life.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a diamond to buy someone, or choosing one to buy yourself, there’s so many things that need to be taken into account, such as cost, size, and cut. While size will influence cost, and your bank account will influence that, take some time to really think about the different kinds of diamond cuts, and what message you want your ring to send. Are you a classic cut kind of person? Or more of someone who likes a little flair? Figuring out which cut works best for the occasion will help alleviate some of the stress that comes along with choosing a diamond, and make the choice so much more personal and special.