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The Differences Between Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Engagement Rings

The Differences Between Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Engagement Rings

Often times these three terms get interchanged with each other, however there is a very big difference between an engagement ring, diamond engagement ring and a wedding band.

One of the first differences.

One of the first differences is that a diamond engagement ring, by definition, will have a diamond in it. It is probably the most specific phrase used of the three. Usually that diamond will be the ring’s focal point or “Main Attraction”; if you will. However some diamond engagement rings can have so many diamonds in them, that the center diamond is not always necessarily the focal point. It is even possible for the total carat weight of the accent diamonds to weigh more than the center diamond. ( More elaborate engagement rings such as our flower rings might be manufactured this way) However with a Traditional Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, there is always only one diamond attached to a plain gold, platinum or palladium band.

The Differences Between Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Engagement Rings

If a diamond engagement ring has more than one diamond, it should not be referred to as a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Traditionally when a man asks a woman to marry him, some type of diamond engagement ring is given to her. This is meant to be an everlasting sign of his eternal commitment to her. That is why it’s placed on her left ring finger before the wedding and placed back there after the marriage begins. It was once believed that the “Vein Of Love”; or (Vena Amoris) ran directly from this finger to the heart. Some believe the tradition of wearing a diamond engagement ring on the left ring finger began for this reason.

The term “Engagement Ring” tends to be much more flexible. “Engagement Rings” can come in many different forms. Only your personal preference will determine the TRUE MEANING of what an engagement ring is for you. There is no right or wrong answer defining the term engagement ring. You should wear the type of engagement ring that makes you feel happy and/or satisfied. Engagement rings have been defined very differently throughout the years and are even being re-defined today by many people that may prefer something different. The following are some examples of engagement rings.

  • Engagement Rings that have a colored gemstone instead of a diamond. The colored gemstone may even be a birthstone. There are even engagement rings that have many different colored gemstones, and not a single diamond in the entire ring.
  • An engagement ring that has many small diamonds instead of one larger diamond. Or an engagement ring that has some diamonds and some colored gemstones.
  • An engagement ring that does not have any diamonds OR colored gemstones. At all. Just a plain gold or platinum band.
  • Engagement rings may not even be made of precious metal. It could be something that was homemade. Perhaps out of aluminum, tungsten, or even copper. I think I even heard of a cigar band being used before in the case of an emergency. (I think you get the picture) The important thing is to wear something you will enjoy and will bring you satisfaction. Your engagement ring can be in any form you desire. Your engagement ring can also serve as your wedding band if you desire.

See The Differences Between Engagement rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Engagement Rings

The term “Wedding Band“; can actually have a couple of meanings. It can serve as an Engagement Ring itself. However traditionally the wedding band is something that is given to the bride after the diamond engagement ring. This typically takes place at the wedding. At this point, the bride may place her engagement ring on her right hand and then place the new wedding band on her left ring finger. After the wedding band goes on her finger, the engagement ring should be placed back on her left ring finger, after the wedding band. The wedding band should always be closest to the heart. However please keep in mind that you are not required to purchase or wear both an engagement ring AND wedding band. If you prefer to have your wedding band serve as your Engagement Ring too, just slide it off before the wedding and place it back on during the ceremony. sells many Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings and Engagement Ring Sets. If you are going with, what many consider to be the “Traditional”; route, you will probably be purchasing and engagement ring and separate wedding band. It is important to consider various options at this point. You are probably going to want a “Matching” wedding band. This is a wedding band that is manufactured specifically for the engagement ring that you are purchasing. This means that the 2 rings will fit together properly without large gaps between the 2 rings. It will also probably mean that the overall design will compliment each other and be aesthetically pleasing. This is also where the phrase “Engagement Ring Set” comes in to play. An engagement ring set is nothing more than an engagement ring with a matching wedding band manufactured to go together as a set. If you are not able to purchase an engagement ring set due to budget constraints, you may want to consider bringing the engagement ring with, when you pick out your wedding band. This will help ensure a proper fit. The wedding band may be purchased at a later date. You do not need to purchase both rings at the same time, and you usually only give your future bride the engagement ring first anyway. Especially if your wedding is some time off in the future. That will give you extra time to save up for the wedding band.

There is also another option. Sometimes engagement rings are very elaborate or very thick in design. It can almost be impossible to have a matching wedding band to wear on the same hand or same finger. It is even becoming more common today to wear another completely different style wedding band altogether. It can even be an eternity ring worn on the right hand. Just remember one thing when it comes to engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond engagement rings. YOU ARE THE BOSS and you have the last word on what is right for you.