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Find her ring size the stealthy way

Find her ring size the stealthy way

When you first order one of our engagement rings you have the option to specify the size of your ring. We often get the question "What if I get the ring size wrong, or don’t know the size I should order?" Here are a few tips and tricks to get the correct size if you’re trying to be stealthy. Even if you get it wrong we will resize your ring, again, for free!

One of our more common questions.

I am very interested in purchasing a ring through your company, and had one question. It says there is free ring sizing, what exactly does this mean? Is there a way I can try and size up her finger before I make the purchase? Or should I take my best guess and buy the ring and send it back for sizing if it doesn’t fit? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Find her ring size with stealth

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Safe Answer: Find her ring size with another ring.

There are many tricks to getting the ring size. Here is a safe way. Go into her jewelry box and get a ring you know she normally wears and take it in to find the size. It will probably be a right hand ring. And if she is right handed, then your best bet is to take the size of the ring and go down about a quarter ring size. So if the ring you take in is a size 6, then when you order request the ring be a size 5 3/4. Because normally the dominant hand is bigger. The ring finger is on her left hand so going down in size is a safe bet. But if she is left handed, you are pretty safe ordering exactly the size of the ring you brought in, or even going up a quarter.

Stealth Answer: Use an exaggerated story.

This is exactly what I did when I was searching. I pretended to talk to my mom on the phone and acted like she was telling me a story about a REALLY REALLY BIG GIRL. Say size 32 ring (She would have to be about 11 feet tall and 700lbs for this to really be realistic).

Just so the surprise factor was there when I told my girlfriend, who was listening to my conversation I said “NO WAY” and then I looked at my girlfriend and said “I need a comparison” and I looked at her hand and said “Hon, what’s the size of your ring finger?” Most girls will know. She told me a five, and I looked amazed trying to figure out just how big a girls hand has to be with a size 32 ring finger size. She was none-the-wiser and was completely into the story. I wasn’t going to propose for another 2 months, so she never suspected a thing. It was a great success.


You can be safe one way, or have a little fun and tell the story. It worked for me perfectly. Or just ask her for her size outright. No matter what way you choose, when you purchase an engagement ring from you can send the ring back to us to get it resized absolutely free. So you’re safe.

Here’s some more ways to get her ring size without her knowing.