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Do I have to purchase a wedding band with an engagement ring?

Do I have to purchase a wedding band with an engagement ring?

Customs come and go, but one thing is here to stay, that's personal preference, and personal preference is taking traditions by the hand and quickly walking it out the door. No longer is it necessary to have to buy a wedding band. I'll explain...

Different Unique Styles

First to make it clear, you do not. Personal preference should be the deciding factor with that question. Some brides may chose not to wear a wedding band simply for reasons of comfort. Another reason that you might not purchase a matching wedding band is that many modern and unique engagement rings are created in one piece to look as though there is already a matching wedding band being worn.

This style is very popular today. The engagement ring may even be manufactured to look as though there are 2 wedding bands being worn. (One on each side) And there are also rings that are designed to have 2 separately purchased wedding bands worn with it.

Modern Times vs. Tradition

And then there are even those that are so elaborately designed, that you may not want to wear a band with it for a whole multitude of reasons. One such reason could be that it wouldn’t even be possible because of unique design. Or maybe you do not want the wedding band to compete or “interfere” with the unique design of your very beautiful engagement ring.

Now with all that said, if you are more interested in what “Tradition” holds and you would like to operate accordingly, you will probably decide to purchase a wedding band. Traditionally when a couple becomes married, the groom will present the bride with an engagement ring as well as a wedding band. (The groom almost always wears just a wedding band) But even at this point I believe that today’s standards are much more flexible than in years past. Many brides today often decide not to wear their wedding band together with their engagement ring. They may decide to just wear one and not the other. Or they may even wear the wedding band on the right hand, and the engagement ring on the left wedding ring finger.

The important thing to remember is that you are the boss when it comes to your engagement ring and/or wedding band. You should decide what is right for you and what makes you feel comfortable, and most importantly, what makes you HAPPY!