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Bridal and Wedding Registries

Bridal and Wedding Registries

Bridal and Wedding Registries are lists filled with products that you wish to receive as gifts that you give to your guests.

This post is a Personal Note: While at Amazon the other day, one of the wives of team member saw they offer a bridal registry - wedding registry. She told her daughter (who is to be married in 4 months) about it, and she signed up. She brought it to our attention and said it's a not a bad thing to tell others about since we do deal primarily in weddings and engagements. We agreed.

Wedding Registries

Anyone who’s been married knows about wedding registries. Pick your favorite big chain store and they probably have something set up in that department. What they don’t have is the ability to add other products from other stores to that same registry.

Bridal and Wedding Registy

Bridal and Wedding Registries and Amazon

Amazon offers this. Of course they want your guests to buy from them, so you put in as many products as you like and with a browser extension add in anything from any other store you like, as well.

Now it’s just good business for Amazon to want your guests to buy from them, but if they lose a sale to another store because you added in another business’s product, well that’s one sale lost, but it’s just good marketing genius to know someone will buy something from them, so it doesn’t hurt them one bit. However, in the end it does allow the bride and groom to have one complete wedding gift registry that they can send people to where everything they possibly want is listed along with a link to said product. So despite the marketing / strategic planning of Amazon, it’s a complete win – win for the husband and wife to be. On top of the “add anything from any store” perk, they also add other incentives to register with them, such as:

  • World’s Largest Selection.
  • 10% off saving after you complete your event.
  • Free shipping on items over $35.
  • They are even offering bonus gifts from select vendors just for registering.

Wedding Registry Page

Take a look at our Wedding Registry page for more details. All in all, we just thought it would be a nice gesture to let people know about this, if you didn’t already.

Happy Shopping!

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