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Art-Deco Engagement Rings

Art-Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco designs have a naturally feministic touch as it had an influence of the Post World War scenario, so it's a natural attraction for women. Apart from this, Art Deco Engagement Rings have an eye catching style and a creative touch which gives them a gracious and splendid look. These rings are a perfect choice for ladies who want to look trend-setting and unique while still staying in fashion.

A Little Introduction

Art Deco engagement rings have been famous for their beauty and elegance. They were in fashion during 1920s and early 1930s but as time passed by, trends changed and new fashion trends took over. During the past decade, we saw a resurgence of the Art Deco era and an increase in the demand of these beautiful pieces of jewelry, but this time the demand is increasing with the title of “Vintage”.

The stunning design, bright colors and fine shapes make Art Deco rings a perfect choice as an engagement ring, but adding the vintage effect adds an enormous elegance, grace and history to it.

Background of Art-Deco Engagement Rings

As the First World War started, the production of jewelry stopped and fashion industry came to a halt, which resulted in the demise of Victorian era fashion. After the war, women started to get into various industries and the fashion industry was one of them. This marked the beginning of a new era in the fashion industry and gave a feminine touch to everything. The new jewelry designs developed during the era are known as Art Deco Designs. The decade saw a very active market for jewelry and Art Deco jewelry was manufactured on a massive scale.

How do Art Deco Designs Look like?

The Art Deco designs have a touch of Victorian and Edwardian era with the addition of some modern feministic touch. These designs are very bold in comparison to the earlier Edwardian designs, with vivid colors and use of several precious stones including Sapphires, Yellow Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds. However, these are not the only stones used; the ordinary diamonds are also widely used in the Art Deco jewelry in combination with Platinum and Gold.

Art Deco Engagement Rings Designs

Art Deco Engagement rings were originally designed in major geometrical shapes including rectangular, triangular and elongated shapes. Although there were some variations, the majority of the designs followed the aforementioned structure. Most of the stones and diamonds used in art deco engagement rings were Emerald cut, Princess cut, and Baguette cut.

Vintage Status of Art Deco Rings

The recent emergence of Art Deco Rings as Vintage Engagement Rings is even more interesting. The rings were once very irresistible for women, and now that they are emerging as vintage rings, they are even more attractive and tempting with their vintage status. If you have even a slight taste for vintage items with an artistic touch, then you would instantly fall in love with Art Deco Engagement Rings.

The Genuine Vintage vs. Replica of Art Deco Rings

If you are planning to get an Art Deco ring, make your mind up about what you want to buy. There are basically two types of rings available.

  • The original vintage and antique Art Deco Rings have been handed down as a family heirloom for decades. These rings are more valuable and precious because of the feelings attached to them. Although they are very expensive and rare to find, they have a high demand in the market.
  • The other type of Art Deco Rings available in the market are the replicas. Although these rings are not the actual vintage rings, they are still made from the same precious metals, gemstones, and possess the same beautiful Art Deco designs. They are comparatively inexpensive, so they can prove to be a good choice for an engagement ring.

Art Deco Engagement rings prove to be a real deal if your bride has a passion for the vintage / antique style rings. The originals may not be very easy to find in the market and would probably take you a great deal of time to find one, but they are going to prove their worth once you get them.

If you can’t find the original, and/or it’s out of your budget consider purchasing an Art Deco STYLE Engagement Ring like the one above.  You’ll still get the same sought after design, but at a fraction of the cost while enjoying a very unique engagement ring.