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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

~ Personalize Your Wedding Reception ~

There are many typical constants at a wedding reception. The cake, tables with table cloths, wedding favors, decoration, etc. Here are some out of the box reception ideas to consider.

Rent a Photo Booth

What can you do to personalize your wedding reception? A really fun idea is to rent a photo booth, your guests can take pictures of themselves in your honor. The couple will appoint a member of the wedding party to be in charge of collecting the photos throughout the reception. The pictures can be arranged into a keepsake photo album. If the photo album is a surprise gift to the bride and groom from the wedding party, they can add funny captions or bubble thoughts or scrap booking art.

Now keep in mind the photos may get rather interesting as the night moves on. This is one of the best ideas because the bride and groom are busy with the entertainment demands of the wedding reception. Dancing with moms and dads, throwing the bouquet, garter tossing, dollar dances and trying to entertain people from out of town. Keeping individual disposable cameras on the tables continues to be a great idea too, your guests will use them.

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Let’s not forget about the video, this is nice for unique congratulatory messages from the guests to the bride and groom. Just set up a little area, have a friend ready to press record, and you’ll forever have the memories of your friends and family congratulating you, plus any other crazy antics they may see fit to record. They can get pretty funny. This idea is worth it’s weight in gold.

Live Mannequins

Have you ever heard of hiring LIVE mannequins for part of your unique wedding reception entertainment? You can pick a theme of costumes for the mannequins to wear. It’s true, couples think it’s a great way to get a rise out of their guests. The best way I can think of to do this would be to have the mannequins be in place prior to the arrival of your reception guests. They will admire your life like (statues), and will be thrown for a loop when they move! But please inform your elderly guests, and the parents of small children and those who are about to give birth at any time about the mannequins. If you are interested in the mannequin idea, begin calling local stage theaters.