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Different Wedding Styles

~ The Different Types of Weddings ~

Individual cultures play an important role in weddings, upon which, the wedding traditions and customs vary and so does the law. A rite of passage, as described in many places; however, to the average person, a wedding is seen as an opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and a call to celebration.

The different types of weddings:

  • Double wedding
    A single ceremony involving two fiancee couples and two separate weddings.
  • Destination wedding
    Involves the engaged couple and a majority of their guests who travel a certain distance for attending the ceremony.
  • White wedding
    A formal or semi-formal wedding as per the British, Irish, American and Commonwealth traditions.
  • Military wedding
    A wedding ceremony conducted in a military chapel.

Different Wedding Style continued ...

  • Online wedding
    It is a wedding conducted on the internet; though the event resembles a standard wedding, but it’s the symbolic avatars or characters representing the actual people are made to tie the knots.
  • Same-sex wedding
    The permissive society does allow the wedding between people of the same gender where it is accepted officially and legally.
  • Civil wedding
    Controlled or presided over by a local civil authority (e.g. a judge or the mayor) either in the local town/city hall or in the courthouses in a judge's chamber.

No matter the style, a wedding is ultimately a wedding.

A wedding ceremony takes under its jurisdiction numerous elements; from the proclamation of marriage to the wearing of traditional clothes, reception, music, poetry and prayers. It has given rise to innumerable traditions and customs; even scientific.

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