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Wedding Ring Sets

Although our company is just a small family run business, we understand the importance of offering complete wedding ring sets to our customers. That is why in this section of our website, you will find just a few samples of the engagement rings that we offer with their matching, custom designed wedding band. It is important to note that all of our affordable designer engagement rings have a custom designed, matching wedding ring available for purchase at anytime, with just one or two exceptions.

There is no need to worry if you don’t see the wedding ring set that you want to purchase in this section, because it is very likely that we do have it available. Please understand that since we have an almost unlimited number of custom styles to choose from, it is impossible to show all of them here. It is also important to note that all wedding ring sets found in this section can be purchased separately as well. Just give us a call for special pricing..

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Get more information on this beautiful, and highly unique engagement ring.

Tip #1: Regardless of where you are thinking about purchasing an engagement ring, consider checking with the salesperson first to make sure there is a matching wedding band available that properly fits your engagement ring.  Even if you only plan on buying the engagement ring now, when it comes time to buy the wedding band, the entire process will be much easier if there is already a matching wedding band designed for your ring.  I am often surprised to discover that some designer engagement rings brands, do not offer a matching wedding band.

Tip #2:  When you buy an engagement ring from a jewelry store, you are probably not buying an engagement ring that they made. The vast majority of jewelry stores sell engagement rings from various manufacturers, and may not be too concerned with the fact that they do not offer a matching wedding ring. If your budget allow it, purchase the matching wedding ring set together.

Since our company actually designs and manufactures all of our engagement rings in our Los Angeles manufacturing facility, we can create a matching wedding ring for you at anytime in the future. There are only a couple of our settings that are designed to be worn without a wedding band.