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Vintage and Antique Filigree Rings and Jewelry

Vintage and antique jewelry of the time period had some of the most spectacular, creative, and thought provoking designs. Every ring, necklace, pendant has a story to tell.

Combining traditional methods with today’s technology and using a rare collection of over 3,000 hand-engraved dies, most dating from the 1800s, we’re able to showcase some of the most incredible and exclusive jewelry ever designed.

Vintage and Antique Filigree Rings and Jewelry

Created using authentic, not replicated, die-sets, molds and hubs from the actual time period to give you the most genuine antique and vintage jewelry look and feel.

What Is A Filigree Engagement Ring?

Some of the most feminine engagement ring choices include vintage rings that are intricate in design. A classic antique ring will usually be delicate and ornamental with a great deal of filigree texture. Before making a purchase, it is important to understand how this type of ring is crafted and how to choose the best one.

How a Filigree Engagement Ring is Made

Most filigree engagement rings are handcrafted. When a jeweler is creating an antique ring, but trying to make it look old, there are a few steps involved. Everything will start with antique hubs. A block of steel is carved with intricate designs using chisels. This forms the main body of the ring. After the hub is finished, it is heated at high temperatures to harden the steel. Then, it is placed against a softer block of steel and pressed so the hub creates a die. A die struck ring will be high in detail and polish. To create a filigree effect, sheets of gold are stamped into various parts and connected with solder. In the end, these jewelry pieces are some of the strongest and most beautiful available. The hub will be stored away for later use.

Advantages of Choosing a Filigree Ring

When a coupe becomes engaged, there are a great deal of engagement ring options.  However, there are many benefits that come from selecting a filigree engagement ring. To begin, a filigree setting will add beautiful detail to a ring, so there is no need for a large stone. Diamonds are very expensive. Using a smaller stone will cut the cost without sacrificing beauty. It is also a romantic and classic design. This type of ring will never go out of style. Instead of choosing a modern setting that may not stand the test of time, a filigree ring will always look good. Selecting a filigree ring will also ensure a unique look. Since this kind of ring is filled with intricate pieces, it will not appear identical to anyone else’s ring.  Traditional solitaires line jewelry counters. An antique styled ring will appear custom created and will look like something that was passed down through family generations.

Types of Filigree Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choices.  Of course, the most common rings include a large center stone. However, there are other unique engagement ring options that incorporate smaller stones throughout the bands. No matter the choice, filigree settings will add a romantic appearance. It adds a bit of sparkle and extra interest that may be lacking with other styles.

Victorian Engagement Rings.  The Victorian Era took place from 1835 to 1890. The time period was named after England’s Queen Victoria who was well known for her fashion and jewelry choices. Victoria jewelry is usually romantic and inspired by nature. Instead of a diamond, Victorian rings are commonly covered in other gems. For example, some of the most elegant Victorian engagement rings will have an emerald or sapphire center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. This gives the appearance of a flower in bloom.  For instance, Princess Diana’s engagement ring was influenced by this time period and had a large sapphire stone.

Edwardian Engagement Rings.  The Edwardian Era began in the early 1900s.  During this time, platinum metal became popular.  This was a material that allowed for more intricate patterns than ever before. Normal Edwardian rings contain a lacy design and include diamonds in an intricate setting. In place of one large center stone, a typical Edwardian ring will use smaller diamonds that are scattered all over the ring. It is very common to have a cluster of small diamonds surrounding a larger gemstone as well.

Millgrain Bands.  Millgrain is a common decoration on antique jewelry. It has become trendy in modern jewelry as well. Millgrain is translated to mean “a thousand grains.” This means that a millgrain ring will contain tiny bits of texture that form an ornate decoration around the outside edge. A millgrain decoration can be seen as a raised bead that is made with a knurling tool. This provides intricate details. It is also possible to preset millgrain into the mold of a ring as well.

A great way to visit the past is to choose an antique filigree engagement ring. Many times, this type of ring has a rich family heritage. It can be a reminder of a lost family member or may be a symbol of tradition. When this kind of ring is purchased at an estate sale, it will bring great intrigue from its unexplained history. It will also be a newly cherished keepsake that draws attention and flashes elegant beauty.  Since this kind of ring is handmade, it will portray excellent craftsmanship. In the end, it will offer a unique way to begin married life.