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Diamond Terms E

~ Diamond Terminology from A to Z ~

There are thousands of terms being used in today's jewelry industry. Some common knowledge, others are obscure and baffling. We've created a database of terminology from A to Z to make it easy, and of course if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.


Ear Cuff

A ring designed to bypass the piercing stage that earrings would need. They clasp to the ear by pushing or pinching the ends together.

Earring, Earrings

A piece of jewelry with any gem attached to the end of it that attaches to your ear by means of piercing a hole through your ear.

Earring Backs

A small piece of whatever the earrings are plated with that secures the earring in place once it is pierced. Usually referred to as Back, or Bead.


Diamonds are made from 100% pure carbon.


A gem stone that is defined in many various shades of green. The more vivid and bright the green the more valuable. Emeralds are the birthstone of May, and represent spring, the renewable energy of Earth, and of course fertility.

Emerald Cut

A rectangular type cut that usually appears beveled on the corners and sides. Used mostly on Emeralds to bring out the best in clarity and brilliance. However Diamonds are treated to this cut as well. It's interesting to know that Emerald Cut diamonds are not as valuable as round cut diamonds. Typically this is because round cut diamonds usually produce more waste to get them smaller and to accomplish all the facets, thus resulting in a pricier diamond. Also the fire and brilliance typically are not as bright and forthcoming in an emerald cut.

Engagement Ring

A ring that is given to a woman, and in some cases a man when asking for their hand in marriage. The wedding band that accompanies it will be given at the ceremony which will usually be "decked" out in many various patterns, engravings, and other gems, typically diamonds.


The process of carving or lasering in a gem, ring, or any piece of jewelry whatever you would like.

Enhanced Diamonds

The process of either applying high pressure to change the actual color, or the art of drilling and filling, usually with a glass like substance, the feathers or flaws in a diamond. This practice just enhances the already natural stone. Make note that Enhanced Diamonds are NOT man made stones. It's a process that brings out the most beauty that can possibly be given to a diamond, and unless you're a highly skilled jeweler, most will ever know. Worth mentioning that Enhancing diamonds is a very popular process, Very legal, and usually has an final state of more brilliance and fire than it's previous state.

Estate Jewelry

Preowned jewelry. If you just bought a diamond ring and wore it for a day, then turned around and sold it, the diamond ring would be considered Estate Jewelry. However if you sold the ring and the diamond inside of it was taken out then the diamond itself is not considered estate jewelry, but a loose diamond.

European Cut

An old school style of diamond cutting that was practiced during the periods of 1830 and 1929-30. If you were to compare the European cut to todays standards you would find that it would be considered an inferior cut typically because the cut usually lets light in but it never reflected back out to give the diamond it's brilliance. The light usually just leaked out the bottom. However inferior cut does not make this sort of diamond a worthless diamond. On the contrary. The fact that it's an antique makes it quite valuable.